Bespoke Design Service



The impact from a full leather interior is breathtaking. Many MG owners have been astonished with the level of quality you can achieve with your MG. If you really cherish your MG then treat it to the ultimate in luxury interiors. Call Victoria for a bespoke design service guaranteeing you a level of MG you have not seen before.
Build times 4-6 weeks. Fitting time from 3 hours for a full trim.

Dash £950
Doorcards £850 pair
Pods Mk1/Mk2 £80 pair
Steering wheel £190
Armrest £175
Centre tunnel £225
Sun visors £85 pair
Windscreen panels £120 all 3
T-Bar £225
Gear Gaiter £36
Handbrake Gaiter £36
Hardtop lining £280 vinyl £380 leather
Tonneau cover £190 vinyl £345 leather


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