MGF Centre - Wolverhampton UK

Welcome to the MGF Centre

At the MGF Centre we aim to offer only the best quality on the market, whether it is a new or used part you are purchasing.

With extensive MGF and MGTF experience since 1995 we offer all facilities including damage repairs, accessories, full diagnostic system and programming, mechanical servicing, and MOT's - all at our premises in Wolverhampton.

With our commitment to service and quality, we have every confidence that you'll return time and time again...


What have we been up to?

Many MG enthusiasts and customers generally interested in the journey of other MG owners are keen to know about the projects we do on a weekly basis.

We have seen some real gems so far this year, many under 20,000 miles. It's been a real joy to get many of them back on the road and looking almost factory new again.

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